Dec 3 2008

New form of exchange

Jamie Barrows


Funny, because I have one of those huge collections of funny pics.

Nov 25 2008

How Internet Rumors Get Started

Jamie Barrows


Another good one from XKCD

Oct 17 2008


Jamie Barrows

The above comic(a lot like others from the same author) really hit home for me. I can tell you that the very first thing I do every morning is check on news from my friends on Facebook. Those friends happen to be all over the world.

Sep 7 2008


Jamie Barrows

Saw the above comic on XKCD and it really struck me. Don’t you ever feel that way? I do.
A lot of the time I hear people complaining about this or that policy, and I think to myself, yeah that’s a problem. But at the same time I think it’s just not that big a deal. I’m basically content and happy with my life and with my country. I don’t feel the need to constantly protest or complain.

Nov 28 2007

Viruses and a clicking epidemic

Jamie Barrows

Virus Network

Thought the above comic was just too funny. Especially since I just spent a great deal of time cleaning off my parents computer. I think they had 40-50 different viruses and spyware on their computer.
I know that my parents computer is the “family” computer and consequently it gets used by my little brothers and sisters. So the people using it aren’t always the most computer savvy. But seriously, how do they get so many viruses and spyware? Do they just click on every little thing that pops up?

I don’t even run a resident antivirus scanner on my personal computer, and I have yet to get infected with spyware or viruses. And yet my parents computer, my brothers computer, and various friends, all of whom are running resident antivirus programs get infected. Please people! Don’t click on popups and don’t install shady software. LOL

Nov 2 2007

Make Believe using your surroundings

Jamie Barrows

Post Office Showdown

When you were little (And maybe now as well), did you ever build elaborate stories in your head about mundane locations? I know I did.

I would be some place that was boring to me, like maybe the mall while my Mom was shopping. And I would be just sitting there doing nothing. So I would start making up a story about myself in that location. It usually involved me being some kind of secret agent. And the whole kid at the mall thing was just a cover.

I would pick people out of the shoppers around me, and imagine that they were enemy agents. Then I would start constructing an elaborate fight scene between me and the enemy agents, who had somehow penetrated my cover. The fight scene would involve guns, knives, and amazing karate moves that when pictured in my head were just awesome! Often I would make it a running battle through the store using the displays and even other shoppers as cover.

It was great fun. And by using people I had picked out of the crowd around me as characters in my story, it felt more real. Of course, in real life I was actually just sitting quietly waiting for my Mom to finish shopping.

I never told anyone about these make believe stories. They were just something I did to amuse myself when I was bored. But when I saw the above comic, I had to post it. It was just too much like something I would do.

For the authors site, check out Post Office Showdown.

Sep 14 2007

Names and forgetting

Jamie Barrows

Names comic
Here is another comic from XKCD that really hit just a little too close to home. I’m always forgetting peoples names. And I’m usually too embarrassed to admit that I forgot the name and ask again. Which is stupid. I’d be much better off just admitting I forgot than trying to find out through some underhanded and usually stupid method.

I’ve even been roped into doing things I didn’t want to do,just because I couldn’t remember the person’s name who asked me to do it. Nothing quite as extreme as the comic above, but still not something I would have done.

I’ve tried all the tricks the books talk about to help you remember the names of people you meet, but none of them seem to work for me. I guess I’ll just have to put up with being embarrassed. Hopefully I can at least keep from getting into as bad a situation as the character in the comic. LOL

Jul 12 2007

The Internet and writing

Jamie Barrows

XKCD Bored with the Internet

Found the above comic on xkcd. It seemed so relevant that I just had to post it here.
How often have you waited to respond to an email or to post on a blog, because you didn’t have anything interesting happening in your life to post or email about?
Often, I’ll get a personal email from someone and I won’t answer it for a while. Not because I don’t want to answer it, or because I don’t have time, but rather because I can’t think of anything interesting to say. I don’t want to write boring or short messages. So I wait until something happens in my life that I can write about. Since a huge portion of my life is the Internet, that makes it kind of ironic. Doesn’t it?