Aug 14 2009

Dependencies – A new one

Jamie Barrows

New iPhone
A few years ago I wrote a post on here about modern dependencies. In that post, I was referring to Internet access and how dependent I had become. And now I have yet another dependency that crept up on me when I wasn’t looking. And annoyingly it is one I should have seen coming. Especially since it is related to my previously mentioned Internet dependency.

I’m talking about my iPhone. Specifically the always on internet connectivity and email it gives me. So I guess the dependency is really a mobile internet dependency. The actual phone is not really the issue. Most likely any halfway decent smartphone would fill my new need. It just happens to be that the smartphone I have is an iPhone.

As with the Internet dependency, I feel cut off when I can’t get a decent connection. And old non-smartphones, that I previously would have been perfectly satisfied with, now feel excessively limited. All of the information and communication advantages of the Internet are now with me 24/7. And I’ve become used to having them around me all the time.

What brought this realization on, was buying a new phone for my wife. We went to the store and picked out a phone that was well rated and had a great looking design. It wasn’t a smartphone, but it was a highly advanced text messaging phone with a full keyboard and a touch screen. Just a few years ago I would have loved the phone. But my standards have changed since then, and what I expect from a phone is very different from what I expected then. So when we got it home, and started actually using it, we found it to be frustratingly limited. It had all the technical specs of a smartphone, and yet it had a crippled non-smartphone OS. Email was clunky, web browsing was limited, and there were no applications except the standard ones that were built into the phone. It just felt too limited. And that is when I realized that I could never go back to a “normal” phone.

The end result was that after keeping the phone for a week, we took it back and got a smartphone. And we are much happier than we ever were with the other phone.

Oct 20 2008


Jamie Barrows

I love my iPhone, and I’m constantly pointing out yet another cool feature to everyone around me. So when I saw this morning’s dilbert comic, I just had to post it.

Jul 25 2008


Jamie Barrows

Well, now that I’m back in the US, I’m having to readjust to the “always on” life that I had before going overseas. And it’s becoming a bit of an effort to keep up. I’m actually not sure how I did it before. And even worse, my current volume of mail and phone calls is actually lower than normal. So I know that as I get back into the swing of things, the amount of things needing my attention will increase.

Don’t get me wrong, I like being connected all the time. But after being away from it all for a while, I can understand how people get overwhelmed by it all. And why they want to turn off their phones and ignore their computers. Between work phone calls, personal calls, work email, personal email, and all the social networks out there, I can hardly keep up. Oh, and I almost forgot. I also have to(more like want to) keep updating this blog.

I know I can handle it. After all, I handled a much larger volume of information than what I’m working with now. I just am a little out of practice.