Aug 7 2009

Married life

Jamie Barrows

Wedding Rings
Well, its been about a month since I got married. And you know what? I highly recommend it.

While the wedding part was a bit of a pain, I can tell you with great certainty, that being married is the best thing that could have happened to me.
It has involved a few adjustments to my lifestyle, and I’m sure that I’ll have to make a few more. But they are all worth it.

The past month has been wonderful and I’m really looking forward to spending the rest of my life with my beautiful wife Kierra.

Dec 10 2008

More pics of me as a child

Jamie Barrows




Here is the second batch of pics. Enjoy!

  Me as a Child 2

Dec 6 2008

Pics of me when I was little.

Jamie Barrows


Kierra, my fiancé, asked me to collect some pictures of me when I was little. So I decided that rather than get them and make copies, I would scan them in and send her digital copies. Which also gave me a chance to fix some of the more obvious blemishes in them that are due to their age.

Anyway, I uploaded the first batch of them to picasa and decided to share them here.  So check them out.

Pictures of Jamie as a child.

Jul 17 2008

Back at home

Jamie Barrows

Well, I’m finally back home and happy to be here. The above pic is what I look like after three months of traveling. The whole time I was overseas I didn’t bother to shave or cut my hair. Now that I’m home, I’m shaving it all off.