May 26 2009

Work vs Vacation

Jamie Barrows


The problem some of us have when it comes to leaving work at the office.

May 15 2009

Who are your friends?

Jamie Barrows

I saw the following comic today and was struck by how true it is. You can tell an awful lot about people by looking at who their friends are.

Which got me wondering about what “who my friends are” says about me. Is it something I want said? Would I be proud of what it says about me? Does it say something bad? Does it say something good? I don’t really know, but I do know that it’s something I should be concerned with. And you should be too.

A lot of people use who their friends are to increase their status or their importance. And that isn’t what I’m talking about.

No, what I’m talking about is the people you actually enjoy spending time with. I’m not talking about casual friends or acquaintances. I’m talking about your close friends. The people you call and talk to on a regular basis for no reason. The people who you hang out with regularly. Because those people highlight something about your character and your beliefs. They probably have little or no effect on your status or importance. And chances are that no one cares one way or another that you are friends with them. But that doesn’t change the fact that, even if no one cares that you are friends with those particular people, it still shows something about your character. Something that people will recognize either consciously or unconsciously.

Maybe it shows something good. Something you wouldn’t be ashamed to have people know about you. But maybe it shows something bad. Something you would rather your parents, pastor, or other authority figure didn’t know about you. If that’s the case then maybe it’s time to “fix” that issue in your life. Because who your friends are isn’t the problem. Your friends are just a symptom. The problem is you, and your character flaws.

So who are your friends?

Jan 20 2009

No Internet!

Jamie Barrows


Click image to see full size

Dec 12 2008

Christmas cards

Jamie Barrows

Cristmas Card

Since I don’t do the whole Christmas letter/card thing (I actually don’t do any dead tree mail. lol), I thought the comic above was quite appropriate. So consider this my Christmas card to you all.

Merry Christmas

Dec 8 2008

Stupidity in News and Politics

Jamie Barrows


Sometimes I get so frustrated with our media and the stuff that makes headlines. Take for example, the big Zune controversy that hit the news last week. It seems that someone saw the President elect Obama in the gym listening to music on a Zune. That’s right, a Zune rather than an iPod.

Which is somehow hugely newsworthy. The Tubes were ablaze with speculation and rumors about why he might have used a Zune rather than an iPod. And like the comic above implies, there were huge arguments about what this meant to his moral character. And it really was just silly.  And yet somehow it was a big deal in the eyes of Americans. So much so, that his administration made an official statement that he, Obama, does not own a Zune. 

What is wrong with our country? How is it that whether Obama uses a Zune or an iPod has become more important than what his positions and plans are on issues like Abortion, the War, or the Economy?

Dec 3 2008

New form of exchange

Jamie Barrows


Funny, because I have one of those huge collections of funny pics.

Nov 25 2008

How Internet Rumors Get Started

Jamie Barrows


Another good one from XKCD

Oct 20 2008


Jamie Barrows

I love my iPhone, and I’m constantly pointing out yet another cool feature to everyone around me. So when I saw this morning’s dilbert comic, I just had to post it.

Oct 17 2008


Jamie Barrows

The above comic(a lot like others from the same author) really hit home for me. I can tell you that the very first thing I do every morning is check on news from my friends on Facebook. Those friends happen to be all over the world.

Nov 28 2007

Viruses and a clicking epidemic

Jamie Barrows

Virus Network

Thought the above comic was just too funny. Especially since I just spent a great deal of time cleaning off my parents computer. I think they had 40-50 different viruses and spyware on their computer.
I know that my parents computer is the “family” computer and consequently it gets used by my little brothers and sisters. So the people using it aren’t always the most computer savvy. But seriously, how do they get so many viruses and spyware? Do they just click on every little thing that pops up?

I don’t even run a resident antivirus scanner on my personal computer, and I have yet to get infected with spyware or viruses. And yet my parents computer, my brothers computer, and various friends, all of whom are running resident antivirus programs get infected. Please people! Don’t click on popups and don’t install shady software. LOL