Dec 25 2008

Merry Christmas

Jamie Barrows


Merry Christmas!

Dec 12 2008

Christmas cards

Jamie Barrows

Cristmas Card

Since I don’t do the whole Christmas letter/card thing (I actually don’t do any dead tree mail. lol), I thought the comic above was quite appropriate. So consider this my Christmas card to you all.

Merry Christmas

Nov 28 2008


Jamie Barrows


Well, it’s Christmas time again. Here in the US, the official Christmas shopping season kicks off the day after Thanksgiving. Millions of Americans are even now mobbing the department stores and malls all over America.

Stores have items on sale with huge discounts. And people are desperate to get those discounts. Some of those people even camped out last night in long lines for the dubious privilege of being the first person in the store.

I hate long lines. So I did a lot of my shopping last weekend. While I still have a few items to get, I won’t be getting them today. :) One of the gifts I did get last weekend, was the one I’m giving to my fiance. I made the, in hindsight, mistake of telling her that I had gotten her gift.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I didn’t tell her what it was. But I did tell her I bought something. Ever since then I’ve been doing my best to not let her know what I got. And it’s hard. At this point, she has gotten me to start giving her hints. I have to come up with a new hint every day. One that is true, and yet also won’t give away what it is. lol

So far, the hints I’ve given are as follows:

  • It has black coloring
  • It has white coloring
  • It has blue coloring
  • I didn’t buy it at Walmart
  • It isn’t jewelry
  • It comes in a box
  • It has more than one part


If anyone can guess what it is from those hints, it would be a miracle. ;)

Dec 25 2007

Merry Christmas

Jamie Barrows
Christmas Drumb