Nov 1 2007

New Rant location

Jamie Barrows

Wordpress GraphicWell, last night I finally moved my last Blogger page over to a hosted domain. I spent a good bit of time finding a theme I liked, and adjusting the pictures in my imported posts to fit the new theme. I think it looks good, but there is always room for improvement. So comments would be appreciated.

May 5 2007

Initial Creation

Jamie Barrows


Well, I just created this blog. This is going to be a new place where I can rant and vent my own struggles and opinions on life. I have another blog where I post pretty regularly, but the focus of that blog is news. Since these posts will not be “news” in the same way, I didn’t want to have them in with the other posts on that blog.
Some of the posts on this blog may well be news related, but the focus will still be more on my opinions and how I am affected, rather than the news itself.