My Web Presence

My personal home page. Here you can find info like my resume, my email address, and any other info that seems relevant or useful.

Barrows Family
The family website and news blog. Mostly maintained by me, but with occasional updates by other family members. Check it out to see the latest pics from our family gatherings.

Jamie and Kierra
A news blog for me and my wife. A place to celebrate my relationship with Kierra Long Barrows.

The Mission Disk
A project that I started with a college friend, Darrell Dow, to package up useful free software for missionaries and churches. The goal being, to save churches money on software by educating them as to alternatives to proprietary and expensive software.

What Jamie Found
A blog that I started when I had a lot more time on my hands. Basically a place where I would post anything interesting I read or saw on the Internet. It was lots of fun while it lasted, but these days I don’t have the time to devote to either the reading or to the posting. So at the moment it’s no longer being updated. I might start it up again sometime in the future.

Other Links
My Church – Liberty North
My Job – Columbia Southern University
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My MySpace account.

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