Well, let me introduce myself. My name is Jamie Barrows.

The warm and sunny state of Florida is where I call home. Pensacola Florida to be exact. It’s a pretty good place to live if you like the beach.

This blog is a place where I can discuss and rant about whatever I’m thinking about or find interesting. If you enjoy reading my posts, feel free to comment with your thoughts.

Your viewpoints, even if they disagree with mine, are always welcome. Though I do reserve the right to edit/delete any posts that I deem offensive. Basically any excessive language or spam like ads in your comment will get it deleted. But otherwise, my moderation rules are pretty lax and you can say whatever you want.

If you feel that I’ve unfairly deleted your comment or that your voice isn’t being heard, feel free to start your own blog and post whatever you want. That’s the beauty of the Internet and Web 2.0. Everyone with anything to say, can publish their own thoughts and ideas.