I really hate our political party system

Jamie Barrows

Some days it seems like the only thing our elected officials are capable of is blaming each other. Neither party is really working to fix anything in our government. This whole debt crisis that we recently went through was one of the worst examples of everything that is wrong with our country.

We, as a nation, have a spending problem. For every dollar our government spends, 40 cents is borrowed. That is not a sustainable long term spending plan. On top of that, we have been doing that for a LONG time. So we have a huge existing debt load. We have to stop spending at the rate we are spending, and we have to start paying off the current debt. That means that both parties are going to have to cut programs and taxes are going to have to go up.

But neither party is willing to do any of the hard things that are necessary. Members of both parties are more interested in making sure that they score political points against the other party. And both are more interested in making sure that they get reelected than in doing what is good for the country.

Republicans and Democrats can’t agree on what programs to cut. But the truth is, all of the programs need to be cut back. We simply can’t afford to keep spending at the rate we are spending. The question that politicians should be asking is how much they need to be cut, rather than bickering about whether the specific program should be cut at all. The longer they wait on making the needed cuts, the more bankrupt this country gets. Eventually we won’t be able to borrow money to run the programs at all.

Republicans and Democrats can’t agree on raising taxes. The Democrats want to tax only the wealthy, and the Republicans refuse to raise taxes at all. Republicans need to realize that even if we cut all of the programs back to the bare minimum, we still won’t have the money to begin paying back the HUGE amount we owe. So taxes will have to be raised. And Democrats need to recognize that raising taxes on the wealthy only, is only going to hurt our nation by encouraging the wealthy to move out of our nation and take their wealth with them. Taxes will need to be raised for everyone and that isn’t going to be popular.

But as we saw in the recent debate, the parties don’t really care about fixing the problem. Both parties have lots of excuses and reasons for why they won’t budge. Democrat voters don’t want the programs that they believe are helping people to get cut back. Republican voters don’t want more money taken from people who need it to pay for what they believe will be more spending increases.

At the end of the day, neither party actually really cares about the Country as a whole. They only care about getting reelected. So they won’t do anything that might make their constituents vote them out of office. Both parties will let our nation fall apart around them while they argue over stupid sound bytes and meaningless legislation that doesn’t fix any of the problems.

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