Hard work, and beautiful results

Jamie Barrows

Lately I’ve been doing a lot of work on my house in preparation for my soon to be wife. Basically I’m trying to fix it it up and make it special for her. To that end, I’m doing a lot of repainting and even some remodeling.

One of the things I did, was combine two bedrooms into one to make a master bedroom. Now, initially I wasn’t all that excited about the project. Mainly because it was going to be a lot of work. I had to rip out the wall between the two bedrooms, put in a new door to the bathroom that would be accessible from the bedroom, and build a new wall for the closet. All a rather large quantity of work. And on top of that, I also was replacing all the trim in the rooms. So I had to put up new crown molding, new baseboard, and a chair rail.

Furthermore, that work had to be done after my normal work day in the evenings. That meant I was working late into the night. And I was also using up my weekends on this project. I’m sure that for a professional the whole project would have been done in just a few weekends, but for me a few weekends wasn’t enough time. Hence the long hours.

But now that I’m finally done with the remodeling (still some other projects I want to do before July), I am actually pretty satisfied with the result. And even though the remodeling wasn’t something I was very excited about doing initially, I am very happy I did it now.

The following is a gallery of pictures of the new room. Now you can see what I’ve been doing for the past few months and see why I haven’t been posting here as much.

3 Responses to “Hard work, and beautiful results”

  • CP Says:

    It’s beautiful Jamie! You did a marvelous job and I’m sure she will be very happy with it.:-) See you in July!;-)

  • Darrell Says:

    Great job!!

  • Bill Says:

    WOW Jamie. I know how much work it is to do that, I got a miter saw and installed trim before. It’s not easy to make the cuts right and mount the stuff but you have done an excellent job apparently; and the paint looks good too.

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