Jamie Barrows

The big stimulus bill that is supposed to fix all the economic problems with the US economy is currently being debated and worked through. And no matter what your view of economics is, and whether you think this will be good for the economy or bad for it, the bill will end up being passed in some form or another.

And more than likely it will be filled with clauses for special interests and pet projects of Congressmen and Senators from both parties. But that is the only way any large bills get passed anymore. So that isn’t anything new.

But as I see the politicians on TV and hear the arguments I can’t help remembering a quote I read recently.

“Usually, terrible things that are done with the excuse that progress requires them are not really progress at all, but just terrible things.”
Russell Baker

So my question is this. Is this really progress? Is it necessary? Will it work? I really and truly don’t have the answer or know what I really think is right. But this is a big issue.

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  • Darrell Says:

    “The nine most terrifying words in the English language are: ‘I’m from the government and I’m here to help.’” — Ronald Reagan.

  • Alexander Says:

    This topic is discussed actually in the whole western world. Because this crisis has spread in most of these countries now.
    As I see most governments are weighing pros and contras – and they decide to support the banks and the industries.
    I’m not sure at all if it is “right” – there are many details to discuss, (big) faults that were made by managements and leaders, probably even by the governments.
    As I understand not to help would lead to a big crash in economics with many many unemployed all over the world.
    Governmental financial help seems to be able at least to attenuate this scenario. And every government is fearing: if we don’t do it – the others will do and so their industry will win and our will loose much more. So there doesn’t seem to be much alternatives.
    But in any case for me it is a measure of REPAIR – repair of mistakes an mismanagement that was made in the past.
    It has nothing to do with you topic, has nothing to do with “progress”.
    Probably it will help to enable progress and advancement – but itself it is mere and very difficult and costly repair!

    Supporting the ill industry – probably there is no real alternative.
    But the main topic should be the conditions that are bound to it. Not only giving money away to bad managed companies – but to connect it to conditions, conditions that bring these companies to a better development and help to avoid a similar mismanagement in future.
    Industry by itself has in some parts done a very bad and not very professional job. The profit seeking seems to have made many responsibles blind for necessities and the possible (and not very improbable) risks. This has to be analyzed and some rules have to be given.
    Otherwise I would for example fear that the whole american car industry could go down in such a bad manner – others would like to fill this vacuum. Probably many Americans will think “ok these are the rules of the market”. But what would this mean for the American economy?
    It will only be a real remedy, will only really help if there will be targets that will induce and assure real progress and development, avoiding the mistakes of the past.

    Then the investment might be worth the prize.

    @ Darrell: I would really appreciate so much if the industries would be able to solve the problems evoked by themselves with their own means! But I don’t see that they can do this.
    If they could: this would be my very first choice!!!

  • Ben Says:

    I guess we are about to find out.

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