Dec 25 2008

Merry Christmas

Jamie Barrows


Merry Christmas!

Dec 22 2008


Jamie Barrows


[Edit]Due to lies being told about me and what I said in this post, I have had to remove the post from this blog. For those who read this post before the edit, the persons I referred to who were completely unrepentant and actually happy with the damage they caused have now decided to use my post on this blog as a new way to attack me and separate me from my loved ones.

My words on this post have been twisted and altered by them to say and mean things that were not my intent or my meaning. So the entire post has been removed to keep them from being able to use it against me.

Kind of ironic that a post about forgiveness and my struggles and need to forgive them has been turned into an attack on me by the same people I was trying to forgive.

Dec 12 2008

Christmas cards

Jamie Barrows

Cristmas Card

Since I don’t do the whole Christmas letter/card thing (I actually don’t do any dead tree mail. lol), I thought the comic above was quite appropriate. So consider this my Christmas card to you all.

Merry Christmas

Dec 11 2008

How Banks Make Money

Jamie Barrows



Just read a very funny (and informative,  if I’m remembering my economics classes correctly) post on the banking industry.

It made me laugh, so I thought I would post it here. Click the link to read it for yourself. How to make Money

Dec 10 2008

More pics of me as a child

Jamie Barrows




Here is the second batch of pics. Enjoy!

  Me as a Child 2

Dec 8 2008

Stupidity in News and Politics

Jamie Barrows


Sometimes I get so frustrated with our media and the stuff that makes headlines. Take for example, the big Zune controversy that hit the news last week. It seems that someone saw the President elect Obama in the gym listening to music on a Zune. That’s right, a Zune rather than an iPod.

Which is somehow hugely newsworthy. The Tubes were ablaze with speculation and rumors about why he might have used a Zune rather than an iPod. And like the comic above implies, there were huge arguments about what this meant to his moral character. And it really was just silly.  And yet somehow it was a big deal in the eyes of Americans. So much so, that his administration made an official statement that he, Obama, does not own a Zune. 

What is wrong with our country? How is it that whether Obama uses a Zune or an iPod has become more important than what his positions and plans are on issues like Abortion, the War, or the Economy?

Dec 6 2008

Pics of me when I was little.

Jamie Barrows


Kierra, my fiancé, asked me to collect some pictures of me when I was little. So I decided that rather than get them and make copies, I would scan them in and send her digital copies. Which also gave me a chance to fix some of the more obvious blemishes in them that are due to their age.

Anyway, I uploaded the first batch of them to picasa and decided to share them here.  So check them out.

Pictures of Jamie as a child.

Dec 3 2008

New form of exchange

Jamie Barrows


Funny, because I have one of those huge collections of funny pics.

Dec 1 2008

How do you treat people?

Jamie Barrows


I read the following quote today.

"The true measure of a man is how he treats someone who can do him absolutely no good."  – Samuel Johnson

Which made me think about my life. Do I treat people who can’t do anything for me the same way I treat people who can do something for me? Or how about those people I don’t really like? Do I treat them the way I should?

The truth is, I don’t. Especially people I don’t like. I’m not talking about people who have given me reason to be cautious about, or people who have mistreated me. I’m talking about the people who have never given me a reason to not like them, and yet I just don’t.

You know the type. The nerd at the party, or the odd person who is just a bit annoying. They are nice people, but not people I like. I have no reason to treat them badly,and yet I find myself avoiding them or ignoring them when they talk to me. It’s not right, and yet I end up doing it anyway.

It’s something I need to work on. Treating others the way I want to be treated is a biblical command. Not just a good idea. 

Matthew 7:12
So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you, for this sums up the Law and the Prophets.