Oct 20 2008


Jamie Barrows

I love my iPhone, and I’m constantly pointing out yet another cool feature to everyone around me. So when I saw this morning’s dilbert comic, I just had to post it.

Oct 17 2008


Jamie Barrows

The above comic(a lot like others from the same author) really hit home for me. I can tell you that the very first thing I do every morning is check on news from my friends on Facebook. Those friends happen to be all over the world.

Oct 13 2008


Jamie Barrows

For all those who aren’t on Facebook, I got engaged over the weekend to the most wonderful person in the world. Her name is Kierra Long, and she made me the happiest person in the world when she said yes to my request. So I thought I would post a link here to the photos of the engagement. Enjoy!

Engagement Photos